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Jentl Tongue Cleaner

Jentl Tongue Cleaner

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Tongue scraping has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years as part of their health and wellness principals.

Tongue cleaning is a fast and easy natural step you can add to your oral hygiene routine to remove any build up of bacteria and toxins that form on the tongue throughout the day or over night. 

Using a tongue scraper removes 30 percent more build up than using a regular toothbrush and is the best way to naturally clean your tongue without using any toxic chemicals or plastic devices. 

Benefits of removing the building up of bacteria and toxins include an improved sense of taste, reduction in bad breathe, a cleaner appearance and overall better oral health. 

Highly satisfying, Once you start this practice and see the effects, you'll wonder why you hadn't started this before. 


Hold handles and squeeze closed. Insert cleaner into your mouth and drag along your tongue. Rinse off residue and repeat until clean.

Materials: Stainless Steel

Size: (L) 13cm x (W) 3cm, Handle Width 13cm.