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Hanako Meridian Blends / Lung
Hanako Meridian Blends / Lung

Hanako Meridian Blends / Lung

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Hanako's Meridian Blends were carefully created to complement the 12 main lines of energy - or Qi- that flow within our energy anatomy called the "Meridian System".

Based on the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, these aromatherapy blends can be applied to specific acupressure points to encourage correct flow of energy around the body, and to achieve harmony and balance within.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine every organ in the body has a two hour peak period, where the organ is in its natural time and dominates the cycle. 

If you find you have a slump at any particular time of the day or you tend to wake at a particular hour every night, it may be an indication of disharmony.Using  the clock as a reference you'll find the corresponding blend that can easily be applied at any time of the day or night to encourage the flow of energy. 
DIRECTIONS: Apply the roll on in a circular motion and  gently hold the point for a minute or alternatively until you feel a warm flow.Every Meridian blend comes with instructions and an image for application.
Location: 2.5cm down from the crease of the wrist, in line with the thumb, on the forearm.
Directions: Apply to lung acupressure point and massage with fingertip. Do not use if pregnant.
Body Clock Time: 3am-5am
Emotional Symptoms of Imbalance: grief, judgement, intolerance, sorrow, anguish, inflexibility, resentment, melancholy
Energy Balanced: Endurance, flexible and open to change, trust of instinct and trust of intuition, compassionate, acceptance.
Affirm: “I breathe in divine life force, filling my lungs with soothing, healing energy, I breathe out releasing any pain and sadness that I have been holding on to.”
The emotional shen of the Wood element is Anger. Disharmony may occur when there is prolonged irritability, frustration and anger, and if left unexpressed can fester into rage. It is normal to have angry feelings but it’s often a difficult emotion to come to terms with. Learning to vent our feelings in an appropriate, healthy, productive and creative way can help to release this pent up powerful emotion and encourage balance.
Fear is the emotional shen of the Water element, and while it is a very real emotion and acts as a natural response for survival instincts, it is when the fearful feelings are prolonged that an imbalance be present.
The emotional shen of the Metal element is Grief. A natural, powerful and important emotion especially when one experiences loss of someone or something special. While grief is a very personal journey for each individual it is when grief is prolonged that a Metal imbalance may be present.
The emotional shen of the Earth element is Sympathy and Worry.  One who constantly worries or is consumed by woes may be experiencing disharmony of the Earth element. Or one who tends to over sympathise or expresses the opposite and shows dislike of being fussed over may be revealing an imbalance.