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Hanako Awakening Body Polish

Hanako Awakening Body Polish

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Awakening Body Polish

Revive body, Mind and Spirit with Hanako’s Awakening body polish.

A delicious invigorating body scrub using Australian Native Flora of Ground Wattle seeds, organic raw sugar, pure cold pressed Macadamia oil and 100% pure essential oils of Australian Lavender, Lemon Eucalyptus, Blue Cypress and Tangerine.

Treat yourself. Let your skin drink up the goodness and Glow.

Cleanse. Renew. Hydrate

To use:

Jump in a nice warm shower to dampen the skin then when you are ready scoop a nice big handful into your hand. Begin to scrub into the skin in a circular motion all over the body, then concentrate on those areas that may need a little extra love. Leave it on for a few minutes to really let the magic happen then simply rinse it off. Pat dry the skin after your shower and glow into your day.